When Someone Searches For Business Consultant Home Study Course, What Are They Looking For?

The phrase “business consultant home study course” really doesn’t make any sense. This is a phrase that I found while doing some keyword research the other day. This made me stop and think, I wonder what the person who types this in the search box is looking for. Did you type this in the search box?

Because I was researching home business and working from home opportunities. If we just look at the phrase individual word wise, it can tell us what the searcher is looking for. The first word is business. Now this could mean many different things by itself. It could be someone looking for a business, it could be someone looking to start a business, etc.

When you ad the word consultant, you then have business consultant. This now becomes much more clear about what a person is looking for. Wouldn’t a business consultant be someone who helps you or advises you on running your business?

Next we see the word home. Combined we now have business consultant home. This starts to look more like someone looking for help with an existing business or maybe looking for a new home business. When you ad the next word in the phrase which is study, we know this is someone looking to learn. Now we know this person is looking for a business consultant home study. That would mean you are looking for a business consultant who could help you study at home. Now when we put the word course on the end, it is clear that you are looking for a step by step home business study course written by a business consultant. Which gives us the entire term business consultant home study course.

Be careful when picking someone to help you. It is possible to spend thousands of dollars on mentoring and consulting and never advance yourself. Watch out for people who make their living showing you how to make money. I have been known to help someone out or train them, but that is not where my primary or only source of income lies. I have a substantial income from a home base business that has nothing to do with training other marketers.

I have spent some big money on training and for the most part I was left holding the bag. Sure I picked up a few things here and there and it all equals what I know today. My advise to you is learn from someone who has built a legitimate business that does not involve solely teaching other people to make money. Learn from someone who knows how to find a need and then provide an answer to that need. Let’s not forget the know how of the marketing side either. Good luck in your quest for the business consultant home study course.

To Your Home Business Success!


Rich Dad said one of the best places to start in making your fortune is an organized company with great training. (That is not a word for word quote of Rich Dad It’s a paraphrase)

Take advantage of some Free Home Business Training and Make Great Money in the Health Niche. I will show you how to put messages like this in front of interested people. The fact that you are reading this now proves I can get the word out.

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